February 9, 2023 Public Relations

Rosetta Technologies Releases Embedded Security for Color MICR Check Printing Applications

Rosetta Technologies announces the new Pro C7210XM Production Color MICR Printer. The Pro C7210XM is a 95-page-per-minute high resolution 5-color digital press that reliably prints hundreds of thousands of full-color checks every month onto blank perforated safety paper. The Pro C7210XM eliminates the need to constantly purchase, inventory, and secure pre-printed check stocks and forms for multiple accounts. The fifth color adds an extra layer of protection to negotiable documents by embedding watermarks or invisible security features for undeniable authenticity.

The Pro C7210XM is the product of a decades-long partnership with industry leader Ricoh. The Pro C7210XM combines Rosetta Technologies’ best-in-class ProMark™ MICR toner, E-13B and CMC-7 MICR fonts. Add CheckStream® Color Plus software and print checks for multiple accounts, choosing from a library of hundreds of different digital check formats and colors. Rosetta guarantees that every check printed using its MICR toner and MICR fonts on the Pro C7210XM will meet or exceed ANSI and ABA industry standards for signal strength, character sharpness, and read rates.

"The Pro C7210XM is the only MICR printer on the market today capable of printing unique security features on checks and financial documents using a dedicated color in one seamless workflow," said Rob Hullar, president of Rosetta Technologies. "We’ve seen invisible watermarks, UV data or metallic embossment embedded into digitally printed documents like event tickets and gift certificates to help prevent counterfeiting. We applied the same principle to MICR documents for an added layer of security."

In combination with Rosetta’s optional CheckStream® ColorPlus software, banks, payroll companies and commercial check printers can embed sequential numbering, symbols, or even repeat unique variable data on each check using invisible red toner that can only be seen under ultraviolet light, guaranteeing document legitimacy. CheckStream® also prints all fixed and variable check elements including the colored background, date and amount, payor and payee information, MICR line, authorized signature, the endorsement side, and embeds invisible security features – onto blank white safety paper in one pass.

"Between the ability to eliminate the expense and security headaches of using pre-printed check stocks and adding an extra layer of security to every check, there is simply no other solution available at this speed and price point that offers this kind of value and protection," continued Hullar.

The Pro C7210XM accepts media up to 13" x 19" to print as many as 12 checks per sheet, and the system can be configured with a number of high capacity media feeding, stacking, and folding options to support any check printing and off-line finishing application. Rated to handle volumes of up to 240,000 impressions per month, the Pro C7210XM is an excellent alternative for banks and check printers of all sizes to add new services, complement existing equipment to handle growing volumes, as a back-up device, or to output short runs and rush jobs that are not conducive to continuous-form printers.