March 7, 2023 Public Relations

Rosetta Technologies Introduces Industry-first Full-color Cutsheet MICR Check Printer

Rosetta Technologies announces the SP C840DNM Color MICR Printer, a 45-page-per-minute system that prints all fixed and variable check form data as well as backgrounds and logos onto white cutsheet safety paper. No more purchasing and inventorying pre-printed check stock. It reliably prints up to 50,000 high quality checks per month at 1,200 x 1,200 dpi resolution. With standard automatic duplexing, the SP C840DNM also prints the endorsement side of the check in one pass without slowing down.

The SP C840DNM merges Rosetta Technologies' best-in-class ProMark MICR toner, E-13B and CMC-7 MICR fonts with Ricoh's award-winning color laser printer technology. Rosetta guarantees every check printed using its MICR toner and MICR fonts on the SP C840DNM will meet or exceed ANSI and ABA industry standards for adhesion, signal strength, character sharpness, and read rates. Add CheckStream® Color Plus software and print checks for multiple accounts, choosing from a library of hundreds of different digital check formats and colors.

To our knowledge, there is no product like this on the market today. It's engineered to provide solid performance, great color rendering, high monthly volumes and excellent MICR quality, said Rob Hullar, president of Rosetta Technologies. Businesses that use many different types of pre-printed check stock to print checks on behalf of multiple clients will find the SP C840DNM improves quality, reduces staff time and cuts expenses.

Imagine a CPA firm that prints payroll and accounts payable checks for their clients. Each client has a unique bank account and a unique check form the CPA has to store and manage. If a customer changes banks or their address changes, their existing preprinted checks have to be destroyed and new checks ordered, not to mention the security issues preprinted checks present, Hullar explained. The SP C840DNM eliminates these problems. The CPA stocks only blank perforated MOCR paper that does not need to be secured or inventoried.

When combined with our optional CheckStream® ColorPlus software, the SP C840DNM prints everything - the colored background, date and amount, payor and payee information, MICR line, authorized signature, and the endorsement side, complete with embedded security features, for every account. Rosetta also recommends the SP C840DNM for proofing, short runs, and as a back-up device to production-class systems in high volume environments.