CheckStream® Color Plus / Color Plus Pro

Rosetta Technologies' CheckStream® Color Plus is a software utility available exclusively with the 4-color SP C840DNM MICR printer. CheckStream® Color Plus Pro integrates only with the Rosetta 5-color Pro C7210XM MICR printer. CheckStream® Color Plus makes it easy for users to set up accounts and merge variable financial data to print full-color checks onto blank perforated paper. It seamlessly integrates with color MICR workgroup and production printers engineered by Rosetta Technologies and powered by Ricoh.


Fits Your Workflow

CheckStream® Color Plus/Pro is a windows-based application capable of printing checks for the 10 of the most popular check/accounting packages.

Eliminates Pre-printed Check Stock

CPAs, financial institutions, payroll companies, property management firms - any business that prints checks for multiple clients - can stop continuously ordering, managing, and securing expensive pre-printed check stock. With CheckStream® Color Plus and Rosetta/Ricoh color MICR printers, simply inventory blank white perforated safety stock and create every check for every account.

Print all fixed and variable check form data including the MICR line and incremental check numbers in one pass transforming white safety paper into negotiable financial documents.

  • Print only the checks you need, only when needed
  • Print color backgrounds with embedded security features and endorsement side
  • Print color logos
  • No need to secure pre-printed check stock, or worry about running short ever again
  • Reduce waste and the need to destroy check forms each time an address, bank, or account number changes
  • Rosetta provides customization services for other templates, colors and formats

In-house Transactional Check Printing

Businesses of all types and sizes cut hundreds of checks every month to suppliers, customers, employees, and service providers. Some enterprises, like insurance companies, are in the business of printing EOBs and claim checks. Whatever the application, CheckStream® Color Plus and Rosetta Technologies color MICR printer line makes it easy for organizations to print live transactional checks including the amount, MICR line, and authorized payor signature onto plain paper.

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CheckStream® Designer

Our bundled WYSIWYG check form design tool, CheckStream® Designer, allows you to create your own customized templates and store them for fast reprinting.

  • Quickly modify check designs as needed, and easily create new versions for similar accounts.
  • Digitize entire workflows and incorporate features such as logos, incremented check numbering, reverse numbering, and cut-stack number ordering in various multi-up check stock formats.
Check Printing

Which CheckStream®
version is right for you?

Rosetta Technologies' scalable CheckStream® software is available in a choice of three versions to meet the unique check writing needs of your organization.

Which CheckStream® version is right for you?

Color Plus / Color Plus Pro

Print color checks using blank check stock from most accounting software. Integrates seamlessly with Rosetta color workgroup and production MICR printers.

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LS / Office / Pro

From small businesses to large, concurrent users create and control check printing workflows with multiple MICR printers and check forms.

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Design, variable data merging and effective print management to produce blank personal checks, business checks, or large multi-up sheets.

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