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X9-100-187-2013 Updates Available:

1. Affected Applications:

Rosetta's IRD Printing Suite (Onsight/Onsight Decision) v3.3 or earlier

X9FileExplorer v3.3 or earlier

System Administrator/Transform v3.6 or earlier

2. Reason for upgrade:

ASC released a new version of the electronic cash letter standard, x9.100-187-2013. The new specification has two primary updates - two new record types (that are not valid for electronic cash letter exchange), and several new return reason codes. The new return reasons were added to give check processors more options to the vague return reason code "Refer to Maker." The intent is to provide the receiver of the return with a more explicit return reason that is easier to research and to process those items.

3. Compliance:

Compliance with the new standard is required by December 20, 2014. The ASC X 9 committee is very specific about what compliance means. Essentially, it means that your system must accept the new codes on IMPORT, even if this means the items bearing these new codes are handled as exceptions. You are not compelled to support the new return reasons immediately on outgoing returns.

4. New Return Reason Codes - Adoption:

New Version Approved: 12/20/2013
With provision for delayed implementation of new codes
Date new codes effective: 12/20/2014

5. Omitted:

Record 62(Credit Record) and Record 68(User Record) have been omitted from this software release. Although they are currently part of the standard, the Federal Reserve does not support these new Records. These Records are currently not authorized for image exchange. Once these Records are supported by the Federal Reserve an update will be provided to include these changes.

Main patch download locations:

The following applications are affected:

Rosetta's IRD Printing Suite (Onsight/Onsight Decision) v3.3 or earlier:


X9FileExplorer v3.3 or earlier:


System Administrator/Transform v3.6 or earlier:


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