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Total Check Creation & Workflow Control

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Whether your business prints a few checks or has high volume production check printing requirements, Rosetta Technologies’ CheckStream™ software suite provides the tools you need to increase efficiencies and reduce costs while improving the accuracy and security of your check writing processes.

Your company may only print short payroll runs and weekly accounts payable checks, or perhaps it generates millions of MICR pages every month printing insurance EOBs with claim checks. Either way, Rosetta Technologies’ CheckStream is the only check printing solution your business will ever need.

CheckStream is a powerful check creation and print management solution that eliminates the need for pre-printed check stock.Extremely versatile, it installs seamlessly into Windows, UNIX, Linux and AS400/iSeries computing environments. CheckStream handles PCL, PostScript™ and ASCII data streams for applications ranging from simple check printing to customized multi-page transpromo documents with incentive checks. A rich feature set provides total digital control over all check elements and allows users to change signatures, logos, and bank accounts on the fly. Reprint lost or damaged checks quickly. Reroute jobs to active printers in the event of a hardware error. Simultaneously create PDF files for non-negotiable digital file copies. The optional CheckStream Designer module provides an intuitive graphic user interface to speed forms creation and the editing of MICR documents in-house. CheckStream does it all.

Put the power of CheckStream to work for your business to eliminate inefficient check printing processes that can cost your company time and money. Reduce total prints, minimize errors, streamline MICR document creation and delivery, and focus company resources on making more money, not printing it. CheckStream drives any MICR printing environment from a single desktop printer or production machine to a network of hundreds of output devices installed across the country. Rosetta Technologies’ scalable CheckStream software is available in a choice of three versions to meet the unique check writing needs of your organization:

  • CheckStream LS – Optimized for small businesses with a single check writing user and MICR printer.
  • CheckStream Office – Allow up to five concurrent users to create and control check printing workflows in mid-size offices and departments with multiple MICR printers and check forms.
  • CheckStream Pro – Enables large enterprises to manage data center production print environments, execute advanced transpromo applications, and/or control hundreds of distributed MICR printers from a centralized location to cut checks at the point of need.

Intelligent Check Printing

CheckStream frees you from the cost, design limitations, and security-related issues of using pre-printed check stock for a fast return on your investment. It gives you the power to act on conditional logic decisions to create customized output based on data values for personalized documents. Rules can be implemented at the page, job, or document level to control print processes. Does the check require one signature or two? Above what amount threshold? From which bank account? Are file hardcopies needed or are PDFs for archival storage sufficient? CheckStream puts you in total control.

CheckStream enables customized check design with control over the content, size and shape of every document. It provides the flexibility to add variable messages with complete power over the style and position of fonts, images, and logos on every check. Multiple operations can be executed in a single print request to maximize productivity. CheckStream can even generate barcodes and postal codes to prepare documents for collation and insertion into the US mail.

CheckStream’s Print Manager interface is designed to simplify every aspect of system administration. Easily manage every print job and sort them by your designated priority. vReceive, release and hold MICR print job requests from a central location. Capture printer metrics to better analyze cost, delivery, and tracking performance to further improve productivity and reduce costs. CheckStream is compatible with all major network operating systems and printer management utilities, so your administrators and help desk personnel have end-to-end control over MICR print streams and devices from anywhere. Now that’s intelligent check printing.

Intelligent Print Management

CheckStream provides fine administrative control over one to many printers. Users can schedule and reschedule print runs as needed. Jobs can be manually or automatically directed to specific printers in the event of a hardware error or out-of-supply condition to keep the pages flowing. Secure reprint capability easily replicates only the necessary subset of pages in the event of a lost or damaged check. Large print runs can be split among multiple printers for simultaneous printing and faster job completion.

Check printer status and availability before a job is sent. When a job is finished, alert messages can be sent to prompt the job owner to retrieve pages at the identified printer. CheckStream can do all this and more through its tight integration with your MICR printers. It determines printer status and intelligently reroutes jobs to a selected a back-up device to execute jobs without delay. CheckStream eliminates the lost time of inadvertently sending jobs to offline printers and the waste that accompanies redundant print requests. Now that’s intelligent print management.

Intelligent Workflow Security

Printing checks is a sensitive and most critical business operation. In addition to creating negotiable documents, there is usually valuable information embedded into every document…account numbers, policy numbers, signatures and personal customer data. CheckStream offers many layers of built-in security designed to provide complete control over system access rights and the users who can initiate, modify, and release MICR print jobs.

Restrict user access to or from specific check forms and printers. Ensure particular jobs are run only on designated printers. Instruct CheckStream to send an email notification to a supervisor or CFO for approval prior to releasing a job. CheckStream helps your organization maintain compliance and logs all user activity for complete track-and-trace auditing in the event of a security breach.

At the document level, CheckStream can add watermarks to documents for original verification and create PDF copies as a proof source to deter against post-production manipulation. Plus, Rosetta Technologies MICR printers, designed in conjunction with Ricoh, are available with locking media trays to protect valuable blank check stock. The combination of CheckStream and Ricoh creates a virtually foolproof check printing environment. Now that’s intelligent workflow security.

Intelligent Mail Automation

For many high volume MICR document printers, the hardest part is preparing checks with multi-page EOBs or transpromo pages for insertion into the US mail stream. After check printing there are manual collation, folding, envelope stuffing and sealing steps – each one a labor-intensive process and a source for potential workflow breaks and human error. And you still have to print Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) characters and barcodes on every envelope for accurate postal delivery.

CheckStream’s optional Mail Automation Module – compatible with Pitney-Bowes, Neopost and other brands – integrates simple ladder Optical Mark Recognition characters or any barcode (3 of 9, 2-D, PostNet, Interleaved 2 of 5) into the print job directly from the application level, automating the outgoing mail process. CheckStream can apply the appropriate commands based on the content of each print job to automate document collation, folding, insertion, and the sealing of envelopes. CheckStream reduces manpower requirements by more than 70%, eliminating mismatch and attach errors while increasing productivity to create thousands of mail-ready pieces per hour. Paper and postage costs can be further reduced by programming CheckStream to duplex print non-check pages, providing an aggressive

Whether you are printing one hundred or one million checks per month, only Rosetta Technologies has the knowledge and technology solutions backed by over 20 years of industry experience to make your MICR applications run smoothly and securely. Rosetta Technologies combines best-in-class- MICR engineering and software technology with Ricoh’s award-winning printer hardware. The result is a family of end-to-end check writing and print management solutions that exceed industry standards. Rosetta plus Ricoh. It’s a most attractive combination.

CheckStream Implementation Specifications

CheckStream seamlessly integrates with your existing business-critical infrastructure without requiring additional dedicated check printing hardware. CheckStream can be installed on your choice of server environments including:

  • Windows x86
  • Windows x64
  • Any Linux-based OS (x86/x64)
  • AIX
  • Solaris (RISC or Intel)
  • IBM AS400

Additional Considerations:

  • As much HDD spooling space as is required for anticipated server load and printing habits.
  • CD-ROM drive or direct link download capability (to acquire installation files).
  • TCP/IP networking capability.
  • Web Browser (optional).
  • Web server capabilities (optional).
  • Java Run-time (latest version from Oracle is required).
  • .Net 3.5 enabled and .Net 4.0 or higher is required for Windows installations.

Hardware Requirements

Client OS:Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 2008, 2012 or higher
CPU: Intel Pentium IV or higher
Memory: 512 MB RAM recommended (OS-dependent)
Hard Disk Drive: 20 GB with 260 MB free space for program installation, scripts, forms and configuration files
Monitor Resolution: 800 x 600 dpi or higher
Network Connection: Ethernet Network Card or Wireless Access Point

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