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SP 5200DN MICR Printer

Ideal For:

  • AP/Payroll Check and Form Printing
  • Branch Office Check Printing
  • On-Demand Substitute Check (IRD) Printing

Expand your Needs and Capabilities

As the world of check printing changes, Rosetta Technologies continues to provide printing solutions to meet those challenges with the SP 5200DN MICR printer. The SP 5200 printer is designed to meet short print window requirements as compared to typical Workgroup/Desktop devices while providing additional security features over other similar printers. Rosetta Technologies has incorporated its world-class MICR technology into these devices, providing the same high quality, reliability, and productivity found in all Rosetta MICR printers. The SP 5200DN printer will provide you with a reliable and scalable device to meet your changing business needs and volumes.

  • Speed: The SP 5200DN MICR boasts a 47 pages-per-minute output speed, producing sharp lines and crisp fonts at up to 1,200 X 600 DPI resolution. Quick start and warm up time allows for the 1st page to begin printing in 7.5 seconds.
  • Capacity: With a 2,850 maximum input capacity, the SP 5200DN MICR printer has up to six front-loading, user-adjustable paper sources that support paper sizes up to 8.5” X 14” and easily handle both 24lb. check stock and weights up to 29lb. pressure seal for incredible versatility and enhanced productivity.
  • Security: Store, release, and manage confidential documents with Locked Print Technology. Print jobs are only released via user ID and password entry at the printer. Datastream encryption and user authentication are just a few of the standard security features available to protect your sensitive MICR printing operations.
  • Protection: The DataOverwriteSecurity System (DOSS) overwrites data on the hard disk drive after each print job to prevent data theft. The 5210 comes with a Hard Disk Encryption Unit encrypts device information rather than destroying it, enabling only authorized users to access data.
  • Quality: Achieve crisp and clear output that is ANSI-Compliant to all MICR standards with proven All-In-One print cartridge technology delivering high yields at a low cost-per-page. Rosetta Technologies’ MICR engineering, coupled with our world-class MICR toner will provide you with the highest quality output possible.
  • Cost and Efficiency: The SP 5200DN MICR printer provide the ability to interchange MICR with standard cartridges within seconds increasing flexibility and usability of the printer. In addition, you can minimize paper costs and document storage requirements with the standard duplexing capability applicable to a wide range of documents including legal size. Furthermore, access the user friendly, 4-line LCD panel to easily monitor printer status, maintenance guidance, and document management functions that will reduce training time and increase productivity.
  • Service: Enjoy the confidence that comes from knowing your decision to invest in the SP 5200DN MICR printer is backed by Rosetta Technologies’ expert and proven MICR Guarantee, supported with the responsiveness and expertise of your local authorized Ricoh service center. Both Rosetta and Ricoh are committed to high quality standards for uptime and reliability

Rosetta Technologies’ Commitment:

Rosetta engineering and MICR expertise have developed the SP 5200DN MICR printer to meet customer demands for increases or decreases in MICR print volumes while at the same time insuring high quality standards for output and reliability. The Rosetta MICR Guarantee provides you with the confidence and assurances you need to run your business effectively and efficiently.

Rosetta Technologies is a revolutionary team of customers, employees, vendors, and partners creating and delivering innovative print technology and solutions to the market. Our mission is to translate this technology into MICR print solutions that transform your business and relationships with your customers.

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