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The Last Mile: Emerging Best Practices in Returns Processing

Rosetta Technologies is dedicated to developing and marketing the world's most technically advanced printers, software and consumables for magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) applications. Rosetta's X9Print software suite is the most mature, robust, and scalable IRD printing software system available on the market today. It is used by the industry's largest item processors and banks to print tens of millions of IRDs each month and also by community banks and credit unions printing less than ten items per day. Since 2004 the company's solutions have been used to print more than one billion items at thousands of locations nationwide.

We have produced this white paper for our customers, partners, and prospects to present our view of the current state of return item processing in the Check 21 era. Since the enactment of Check 21 in 2004, overall adoption has soared, but returns continue to be in-cleared as paper at thousands of institutions, particularly community banks and credit unions. In this paper, we look at how changes at the Federal Reserve Bank are forcing these institutions and the item processors and software vendors that serve them to rethink their returns processing strategy. We evaluate the options available and assess their respective strengths and weaknesses. We also offer recommendations on what institutions should look for in an electronic returns processing solution.

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