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Workgroup MICR Printers

Rosetta Technologies' MICR printers are each individually developed by a team of MICR engineers for high-quality, reliable printing of all types of MICR documents like checks, Image Replacement Documents (IRDs), money orders and WIC vouchers.

With features like a programmable online dashboard, remote user and administrative control, highly-configurable alerts and the ability to emulate virtually any printstream, Rosetta Technologies' workgroup MICR printers offer the most Intelligent features and capabilities available on the market today.

Rosetta's workgroup printers include:
SP 3500N/3510DN MICR - 30 ppm, desktop MICR printer
SP 4310N MICR - 37 ppm, flexible high-quality printer for all types of MICR printing
SP 5200DN MICR/SP 5210DN MICR- 47/52 ppm, outstanding speed and security tools in a compact design.
SP 8300DN MICR - 50 ppm, departmental and light production environments

Returns Processing Solutions:
PDF Print Pack - Includes everything needed to print high-quality IRDs from PDF files
OnSight - Includes everything needed to accept, process and print high-quality IRDs from X9 electronic cash letters.
OnSight Decision - Bring your returns processing to the next level by automatically creating chargebacks, representments, or allowing exceptions. OnSight Decision includes everything needed to accept, review, and process X9 electronic cash letters.

Unparalleled Access and Control

Whether you're deploying one printer, or thousands, Rosetta's Intelligent MICR printers offer unprecedented administrative and user control. Each printer is fully configurable via an easy-to-use online dashboard. Accessible through your web browser, this user-programmable dashboard offers many customization options.
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Optimal Quality Engineering

Rosetta Technologies' Intelligent MICR printers are precision-engineered for consistent high-quality MICR printing. Our engineers spend hundreds of hours with each and every printer before it is made available to our customers to ensure that our products maintain the highest in quality standards.
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Superior Security

There is a critical need for all businesses to implement effective strategies that mitigate the risk involved in printing checks and other negotiable documents. Process-oriented measures can be taken, but hardware and firmware security is also of utmost importance. Rosetta Technologies Intelligent MICR printers feature a number of capabilities and options that help to protect against misuse.
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