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IRD Printing Software

Rosetta Technologies offers end-to-end IRD printing solutions. When combined, our full line of MICR printers and X9Print software are scalable and flexible, able to fit in a small office printing less than ten IRDs a day to back office environments printing millions each month.

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X9Print™ is a robust group of applications for the processing and printing of Image Replacement Documents. X9Print software provides the required functionality for converting image files into compliant IRD files and then securely outputing the IRDs on a MICR printer.

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OnSight is an affordable and easy-to-use solution that includes everything needed for financial institutions to quickly and easily transform and print IRDs from X9 electronic cash letters, without the need for costly software or extensive IT support. It allows institutions to receive ECL files through to print items on-demand instead of waiting for courier or postal delivery. Includes a 30-day money back guarantee.

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Reduce your risk by taking complete control of the processing of inclearing return items. Rosetta Technologies' OnSight Decision is a comprehensive, all-in-one system that takes return items processing to a new level. With sophisticated features that automate item decisioning, reduce printing and streamline and simplify the charge back process, OnSight Decision has everything you need to quickly, easily, and cost effectively manage your returns processing.

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The PDF Print Pack is an affordable pre-packaged solution that includes everything needed for financial institutions to quickly and easily print high-quality MICR IRDs from PDF files downloaded from the Fedline Web® or Secure Transport without the need for additional software or extensive IT support.

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X9Print Director is the most robust and scalable IRD printing software available on the market today. The system provides a complete and extensible printing solution that outputs IRDs in all types of IRD printing environments. It supports job sorting and re-composition, audit and security functions, and printer fail over protection. X9Print Director is used by some of the industry's largest organizations to print tens of millions of IRDs each month.

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X9Print Advanced Returns software is simple and inexpensive to implement. It offers financial institutions the ability to automate their returns process by eliminating the need to manually sort return IRDs. It generates and collates a personalized customer letter, explanation of charges, legal rights and return IRD tear-off into one complete document. The document is then folded, inserted into a window envelope and mailed.

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X9Print Remote Capture enables the printing of IRDs from files that were imaged at remote locations. With X9Print Remote Capture, financial institutions can implement remote check imaging with confidence, knowing that IRDs will be processed and printed securely and efficiently.

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X9Print System Administrator saves administrators valuable time and makes the IRD printing process more efficient by aggregating important files such as incoming X9 files, outgoing PCL IRD files, processed log files, audit log files and mail files into one user-friendly color-coded menu. 

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X9Print View & Reprint is a secure software solution that enables authorized supervisors, operations management, administrators, and auditors to retrieve and view X9.37 print files, previously printed cash letters, bundles, and items. These documents may then be selected and submitted for reprinting, while maintaining the security and integrity that is inherent in all Rosetta IRD printing applications.

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The X9 File Explorer provides the capability to selectively preview & edit Check 21 Image Cash Letters (ICLs) prior to printing or item processing. ICL files have the potential to be both large and image-intensive and sometimes require expensive resources to process or print. With X9 File Explorer, these files may be easily viewed and edited.

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Rosetta Technologies’ MICR Print Manager controls the distribution of check and IRD print files to designated printers in environments with more than one printer. It also manages the printers at each destination and the prioritization of print jobs using preset data parameters.

OnSight Decision

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Printing PDFs vs. X9.37

The Federal Reserve is now offering return items in two types of files - Electronic Image Cash Letters containing X9.37 files, and PDF files. Review the differences between these two options

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ESSA Bank & Trust reduces return item processing time with Rosetta Technologies X9Print™ Advanced Returns
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Fiserv item processing prints more than 27 million IRDs per month with Rosetta's X9Print software and MICR printers.
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