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Three Options for
Demanding MICR Environments

Are changing trends in check printing and distribution models causing you to re-evaluate your current MICR printing operations?

Fluctuating environments require flexibility.

You need a flexible, high-quality check printing solution that can handle fluctuating volumes cost effectively. 

Rosetta Technologies offers low-cost-of-acquisition MICR printing solutions with flexible options helping you:
  • Adapt to changing circumstances easily
  • Consolidate check printing operations
  • Reduce total cost of check printing
  • Meet tight print windows at a lower overall cost

Pro MICR Printer Series

The Pro 907 MICR, Pro 1107 MICR and Pro 1357 MICR Production printers take MICR printing to a new level. With a choice of three speeds, from 90 to 110 to 135 ipm, they are designed for check and IRD printing environments that require high speeds to meet tight print windows, with an acquisition cost that traditional production MICR printers can not match.

These powerful printers deliver superior MICR output quality, high speed, reliability and finishing capabilities, at an exceptionally low cost-per-page.

With Intelligent MICR™ features like a programmable online dashboard, robust user and administrative controls and highly-configurable alerts, the Pro MICR printers offer complete oversight to your production printing environment right from your desktop. The printers are available with Rosetta’s state-of-the-art ProMark™ MICR toner, which virtually eliminates item rejections in the most demanding check and IRD processing environments.

Proven Quality Assurance and Security

  • E-13B Font. Created for the Pro MICR printers, the font ensures the highest achievable readability of MICR characters.
  • OCRA Font. Specially designed font for specific types of printing including for IRDs.
  • CMC7 Font. Designed specifically for use with Rosetta Technologies’ MICR printers to produce the highest achievable readability of MICR characters.
  • Original-Manufactured MICR Toner. Formulated specific to the Pro MICR printers’ engine, which ensures high print quality, excellent toner yield, and long fuser life.
  • MICR Performance Guarantee. Ensures the readability performance of the Pro MICR printers when used in conjunction with approved MICR toner and check stock.
  • Input and Output Locks. Secures sensitive paper stock with optional locks on paper trays and container stackers.

Superior Flexibility and Control

  • Heavy-Duty Input Capacity. Supports long print runs, while minimizing operator interruptions, with up to 8,050 sheets of input capacity, with load-while-running capabilities.
  • Robust Finishing Capabilities. Simplifies large jobs with up to 10,250 sheets of output capacity via tandem high-capacity stackers with roll-away carts.
  • Air Assist Paper Feeding Technology. Helps ensure error-free handling for a wide range of stocks like pressure seal paper.
  • Trained Customer Replaceable Units. Available as a convenience to customers, TCRUs can be used to replace supplies quickly to maximize uptime without calling for service.
  • Datastream Flexibility. Accommodates every environment including PostScript® 3™, PCL5e/6, direct print PDF, and optional Genuine IBM IPDS™.
  • Environmentally Friendly. Power-saving capabilities minimize environmental impact, while keeping costs low. Utilize Energy Star qualified models that come with power-saving sleep modes.
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Pro MICR In Action

TPSi improves check printing quality and efficiency with the 1357 Pro MICR printer.
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Fiserv Item Processing prints more than 27 million IRDs per month with Rosetta's X9Print software and MICR printers.
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Hi-Speed MICR Printing

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Learn how our production MICR printers helped one company cut costs and streamline their check printing!
Ricoh and Rosetta team together

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