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Pro 8110e & Pro 8120e Production MICR Printers

Superior MICR Performance

  • 110 and 135 pages per minute
  • Up to 1 million impressions per month
  • ASC X9 and ABA Compliant MICR output
  • Optimal MICR Signal Strength and Adhesion
  • Consistently reliable MICR quality
  • E13B and CMC-7 Rosetta Technologies' certified MICR fonts
  • Rosetta Technologies' MICR Performance Guarantee

Production-class Printing

  • Maximum 13" x 19.2" media support
  • Up to nine paper trays for a total paper capacity of 12,650 sheets
  • Vacuum Feed Large Capacity Tray unit (optional)
  • Optional High Capacity Stackers & Finishers
  • Energy Star™ and Gold Level EPEAT® Certification
  • Genuine IPDS Option
  • Fiery Compatible

Get The Most Out Of Your MICR Investment

With the Pro 8110e and 8120e production MICR printing systems from Ricoh and Rosetta Technologies you get the most out of your investment...the most volume, the most uptime...the most security...and most importantly, the highest quality MICR documents at a low total cost of ownership.

If you're reading this, chances are you need to print a lot of checks and print them quickly. Blank check sheets, accounts payable checks, payroll checks, as well as transpromotional documents, EOBs and IRDs that are just as valuable and time sensitive. Rosetta Technologies understands you've got deadlines that can't be missed. Every successful print production environment relies upon maximum speed, capacity, reliability, and high duty cycles. The successful MICR print production environment requires all these plus consistent end-to-end MICR output quality. We know you have several choices when it comes to check printing solutions. But only Rosetta Technologies combines its best-in-class MICR toner and expert technology with Ricoh's award-winning print production hardware to deliver MICR printing solutions that exceed industry standards.

Rosetta Technologies' Pro 8110e MICR and 8120e MICR are 110-ppm and 135-ppm production-class laser printers rated for up to 1,000,000 impressions per month. Designed in partnership with industry leader Ricoh, these modular systems deliver the speed and media input/output capacity for longer runs with fewer interruptions. On the inside, every Pro 8110e MICR and 8120e MICR print engine undergoes a meticulous conversion process by Rosetta Technologies engineers to transform the system into a MICR-ready solution. Toners and fonts are specifically formulated. Electrostatic components are modified to account for the properties of Magnetic Ink Character Recognition toner. In fact, Rosetta guarantees that every document you print will meet ANSI, ABA, and Canadian Payments Acceptance standards for adhesion, signal strength, character sharpness, and read rates.

So whether you are printing 1,000,000 checks every month or writing entire EOBs with claim checks attached, Rosetta Technologies has the knowledge and technology solutions backed by over 20 years of industry experience to make your MICR applications run smoothly. Rosetta plus Ricoh. It's a most attractive combination.

Check Printing/Check Writing
Check creation is one of the most demanding print applications with strict tolerances for font character clarity, placement, adhesion, and signal strength range. Rosetta's patented dual component ProMark™ 8100 MICR toner and optimized E-13B and CMC-7 MICR fonts stand up to the punishment of dozens of passes through high speed reader-sorter machines. Superior adhesion reduces failure rates and prevents toner transfer to read/write heads that can grind check processing to a halt.

When combined with the Rosetta's flexible software solutions including CheckStream check printing software and MICR Print Manager, the Pro 8110e MICR and Pro 8120e MICR printers form a robust, consistent end-to-end solution for printing checks onto all types of media including check stock, pressure seal, and IRD paper.

Image Replacement Document (IRD)/ Clearings Replacement Document (CRD) Printing
An IRD or CRD is a paper substitute for an original check that may have been destroyed after image capture. Because IRDs/CRDs are, by law, negotiable documents like checks, they must also be printed using MICR toner. Rosetta Technologies offers end-to-end IRD/CRD printing solutions including X9Print™ software in combination with our ProMark™ 8100 MICR toner to convert image cash letter files into standards-compliant IRDs/CRDs on the Pro MICR 8110e and 8120e printers.

TransPromo MICR Printing
Rosetta Technologies makes it easy to combine the power of customized communications and MICR printing to create high volumes of promotional incentives, healthcare reimbursement checks, insurance claims checks, and other forms of reimbursement at little incremental cost.

Versatile Solutions For Your High Volume Environment
The modular Pro 8110e and Pro 8120e can be configured with a number of input and output options to execute virtually any MICR print workflow

Boost the standard 3,300-sheet paper capacity to a maximum of 12,650 sheets with stock weights up to 130 lb. Cover. Some options offer Air Assist or Vacuum Feed technology to ensure error-free handling over a wide range of stocks like pressure seal paper. Build complex documents with different media types using up to seven pick points, and protect valuable check stock with lockable media trays.

Choose a Finisher with multi-position stapling for EOBs. Automate mail preparation with in-line folding for payroll checks. Neatly stack up to 5,000 pages in a High Capacity Stacker – and add a second Stacker for over 10,000 sheets of output capacity.

These huge media and finishing capacities are complemented by on-the-fly toner replacement and active paper reloading for non-stop productivity. The Pro 8110e and Pro 8120e deliver near offset image quality – up to 1200 x 4800 dpi using Ricoh's Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) and oil-free belt fusing technology

Keep your data center or commercial print production shop running at peak efficiency with minimal running costs. The Pro 8110e and Pro 8120e are ENERGY STAR™ compliant and qualify for Gold* level EPEAT® (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) certification for an environmentally friendly solution. Trained Customer Replaceable Units (TCRUs) enable in-house operators to replace critical parts quickly to maximize uptime without waiting for a service technician.
*EPEAT Gold in US only.

As a standing member of the X9-B Committee, Rosetta Technologies continually works on MICR toner formulation and MICR font characteristics to guarantee adherence to national and international standards for all your MICR printing needs. And we back that up with 7x24 MICR telephone support, a global service network with response times as fast as one hour, and of course, the Rosetta Technologies MICR Quality Guarantee.

A. Pro 8110e / Pro 8120e Main Unit. Print at speeds up to 110/135-ppm. Standard paper capacity is 3,300 sheets from a 1,100-sheet x 2 Tandem Paper Tray (Letter/A4), and two user-adjustable 550-sheet Trays for media up to 11" x 17". Install dual 70,000-impression toner bottles for non-stop productivity.

B. Articulating 10.4" Color LCD Operation Panel and Status Light pole. The touch screen provides intuitive job programming, animated fault correction screens, thumbnail image viewing, simplified media selection, and more. The light pole lets users check system status at a glance from anywhere in the room – great for loud production environments.

C. 4,400-sheet Vacuum Feed Large Capacity Tray (Optional, 2 shown). Support more types of media with an air-delivery system that offers high-level feeding accuracy for coated papers up to 350 g/m2. Install the optional BU5010 Bridge Unit (D) to add a second 4,400-sheet Vacuum Feed LCT (E) to increase media capacity to a maximum of 12,650 sheets.

Need more media versatility? Choose the 5,000-sheet Letter/A4 LCT or the 4,400-sheet DLT/A3 LCT, each with three trays (not shown). Active tray indicators quickly identify which tray is feeding the printer to prevent opening an active tray and refill other paper sources for non-stop printing.

F. 5,000-sheet High Capacity Stacker (Optional, 2 shown). Move large volumes of output for post-production, packing, and shipping. One roll away cart is included with each Stacker. Protect valuable MICR documents with built-in door locks. Install two units side-by-side for more than 10,000 sheets of total stacking capacity.

G. 3,000-sheet Finisher with Multi-position Stapling (optional). Staple sets of up to 100 sheets in a choice of four staple patterns for media sizes up to 13" x 19.2".

Decurl Unit (optional, not shown). Press pages flat for stacking and collation. Works to minimize misfeeds.

Multi-folding Unit (optional not shown). Perform 6 folding patterns in one space saving option. Quickly ready pages for insertion into mail streams.

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